CGMiner tuning software.

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CGTune is a freeware utility to modify CGMiner settings on the fly without shutting down and restarting the application. It can be used in scripts, batch files, and task schedulers. CGTune can be used to adjust the GPU engine, fan, voltage, memory settings, change intensity, disable/enable GPUs or completely shut down CGMiner to allow a end user to work on their computer or a home user to sleep at night.

It is not recommended that you use this with other CGMiner monitoring tools as they may conflict.


To install, first you will need to setup CGMiner to allow API calls. You can either add the following command line parameters to CGMiner:

--api-listen --api-allow W:

Or if you are using a configuration (.conf) file, add the following lines:

"api-listen": true,

"api-allow": "W:"

Note: The last line in the configuration must not contain a comma, but all the other lines before it must have a comma to separate each setting.

Command Line Parameters

Note: CGTune requires that all commands parameters use two dashes.






--gpu [a]

--pga [a]

--cpu [a]




--switchpool [a]

--enablepool [a]

--disablepool [a]

--gpu-enable [a]

--gpu-disable [a]

--gpu-restart [a]

--gpu-intensity [a,b]

--gpu-memclock [a,b]

--gpu-engine [a,b]

--gpu-fan [a,b]

--gpu-vddc [a,b]



--pgaenable [a]

--pgadisable [a]

--pgaidentify [a]





Display CGMiner and API version information

Display CGMiner configuration settings

Display CGMiner miner summary

Display status of each pool

Display GPU, PGA and CPU with their details

Display GPU [a] information, where a = 0, 1, etc.

Display PGA [a] information, where a = 0, 1, etc.

Display CPU [a] information, where a = 0, 1, etc.

Count number of GPUs

Count number of PGAs

Count number of CPUs

Switches to pool [a]

Enables pool [a]

Disables pool [a]

Enables GPU [a]

Disables GPU [a]

Sends a restart request to GPU [a]

Sets the intensity on GPU [a] at [b] intensity

Sets the memory clock on GPU [a] at [b] MHz

Sets the GPU engine on GPU [a] at [b] MHz

Sets the GPU fan speed on GPU [a] at [b] percentage

Sets the GPU voltage on GPU [a] at [b] volts

Tells CGMiner to shut down

Display last status / history count of each problem

Enables PGA [a]

Disables PGA [a]

Flashes PGA [a] (if supported)

Display device with a list of their static details

Restart CGMiner

Display device and pool statistics

Display coin mining information

Example Commands

Adjust GPU (video card) to a clock speed of 850 MHz and set intensity at 18:

CGTune.exe --gpu-engine 0,850 --gpu-intensity 0,18

To adjust the two GPU (video cards) to a clock speed of 500 MHz and set intensity to 13:

CGTune.exe --gpu-engine 0,500,1,500 --gpu-intensity 0,13,1,13

To turn off the GPU (but leave CGMiner running) to allow system to cool down and user to work with computer for other tasks:

CGTune.exe --gpu-disable 0

Same as above, but turning off the six GPUs, CGTune supports up to 32 GPUs per command parameter:

CGTune.exe --gpu-disable 0,1,2,3,4,5

Version History

CGTune v1.0 -- May 27, 2013

Like CGTune?

If you find CGTune useful, let us know on our support page and we'll continue to make updates and add more features.

Known Issues

1. Shutting down all GPUs for a long period (30+ minutes) may cause CGMiner to become unresponsive. It's best to either use --quit to end CGMiner and unload it from memory or lower the GPU engine (use: --gpu-engine 0,500) and intensity (use: --gpu-intensity 0,8).