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Compact size system monitoring and multi-ping tool

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Venmon is a system resource monitoring and multi-ping tool for Windows. It can monitor system memory, processor, battery life, uptime, idle time, network traffic, and drives. It uses minimal processing power and memory usage while displaying real-time statistics. Venmon can run in portable mode, such as off a USB stick and does not require the installation of runtime modules such as .Net, Java, C++. Freeware with no bundled malware or advertisements.

Version History:

v2.33 -- Nov 3, 2023

v2.32 -- Nov 22, 2020

v2.31 -- Nov 1, 2020

v2.30 -- Jun 7, 2020

v2.29 -- Mar 28, 2020

v2.28 -- Jan 13, 2020

v2.27 -- Jan 2, 2020

v2.26 -- Nov 25, 2019

v2.25 -- Nov 9, 2019

v2.24 -- Nov 4, 2019

v2.23 -- Sep 26, 2019

v2.22 -- Sep 30, 2018

v2.21 -- Aug 27, 2018

v2.20 -- Aug 3, 2018

v2.19 -- Jul 9, 2018

v2.18 -- Jun 21, 2018

v2.17 -- May 31, 2018

v2.16 -- Apr 23, 2018

v2.15 -- Apr 11, 2018

v2.14 -- Mar 29, 2018

v2.13 -- Feb 12, 2018

v2.12 -- Nov 30, 2017

v2.11 -- Nov 19, 2017

v2.10 -- Nov 12, 2017

v2.09 -- Oct 26, 2017

v2.08 -- Oct 19, 2017

v2.07 -- Oct 13, 2017

v2.06 -- Oct 3, 2017

v2.05 -- Sep 26, 2017

v2.04 -- Sep 15, 2017

v2.03 -- Sep 7, 2017

v2.02 -- Aug 31, 2017

v2.01 -- Aug 25, 2017

v2.00 -- Aug 22, 2017

v0.85 -- Mar 29, 2009

v0.84 -- Nov 30, 2008

v0.83 -- Mar 17, 2008

v0.82 -- Dec 29, 2007

v0.81 -- Sep 23, 2007

v0.80 -- Nov 21, 2006

v0.60 -- Sep 3, 2005

v0.50 -- Mar 14, 2005

v0.15 -- Apr 21, 2001

v0.13 -- Jan 9, 2001

v0.12 -- Oct 19, 2000

What's new in version 2?

New 64-bit edition

Added support for Windows 8, 10, 11

Instant detection of new and lost drives

CPU monitoring

Graphics card monitoring

Idle time monitoring

Network connection monitoring

Multi-Ping Tool

Audio track count and time

System tray features

History Graphs

Program Icon

Venmon program icon was created by and is being used with permission from Iconica Custom Icons.

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 or Server 2000-2022

Disk Space 2MB + 10MB/month for logs

Memory Usage: 32MB Minimum

Supported Languages

English, German

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mini Window:

Keyboard Shortcuts for Main Window:

Mouse Functions for Mini Window:

Mouse Functions for Main Window:

Mouse Functions for Ping Panel (Main Window):

Mouse Functions for System Tray Icon:


VenMon - Mini Window. This is a small summary screen displaying the essential info for your system. Any item be can clicked on to open the main window and the appropriate screen. Selecting the CPU will open the Processors screen, drives for the Storage screen, etc. Pressing the Maximize button will open the settings screen. Storage and networking devices are automatically added or removed from the mini window without having to restart the program.

VenMon - System. The main screen of Venmon displays a general system summary, memory usage, processor usage, battery status, uptime, and idle time. System events will report activities such as Page file changes, battery activity (percentage charged/plugged/unplugged/charging/not charging), allocated memory changes, and report periods of long idle times. Long idle times can be used to see when someone last used the computer.

VenMon - Processors. This display shows the main processor statistics. These include Base Speed, Brand, CPU Description, L2 and L3 Cache, Cores and Logical, (Current) Speed, Load Percentage, the number of Windows' Processes, Handles, and Threads, P-State and C-States. Each graph represents one logical core. Venmon can display up to 144 core processors.

VenMon - Graphics. This screens will show the history, statistics and graphs for up to eight supported video cards. Each video card will get their own graphs and temperature bar. Data shown on this page include Names, IDs, Clock Speeds, PCIe Bus, Power, Temperature, InfoRoms Data, Memory Usage, Modes/States, Fan Speed, GPU/Memory Utilization, ECC Errors, Driver Versions, Hardware Limits, and more. 

VenMon - Storage. This screen displays all the available local and remotely mapped network-attached drives connected to your PC. A filter can show activity from a particular drive. Storage monitor records activity changes such as inserted and removed media (including USB sticks or external drives), drive space changes, new partitions, volume name changes. Reading and writing auto-adjusting graphs display PC drive usage.

VenMon - Networks. The network screen displays up to 32 network connections and displays the data usage in bytes or packets. The network connection list will show both hardware and software-based network connections, both active and inactive. Sending and receiving auto-adjusting graphs will display traffic and can be set for real-time traffic mode in the settings screen. Network events will post messages about wireless connection speeds, sending/receiving errors, internet connections, IP addresses, operation status (up/down/testing), and other signals.

Venmon - Ping. The Ping tool includes the ability to add up to 1024 automated Pings by IP address or Hostnames with an adjustable time interval. Displays IP address, hostnames, time in ms, TTL, TOS, received, lost, lost %, and timeline with response time filter. Pings can be deleted, paused or reset individually or in a selected group. Multiple pings are spread across all processor cores to balance CPU load. Ping data is saved into a JSON file hourly or on program closure. Yellow lines are slow response times set by timeout setting between 50 to 800 ms, red lines are pings that timed out, and blue lines indicate that data is missing possibly from a system or program restart. Each timeline point can be mouse hover over with more details or right-clicked to export all data to the clipboard ready to be pasted into an email or text document.

VenMon - Settings. The settings screen is where you can customize the appearance and usage of Venmon. Each setting has a hover-over tool-tip. Settings take effect immediately and are auto-saved. If Venmon is running in Portable mode, determined if it's running off a removable drive, it can save settings to the same drive rather than on a user's computer. Custom settings will be carried over on the USB drive between computers.

VenMon - About Screen. A simple screen to remind you that Venmon is free of charge, and we cannot refund any money you sent to other websites. The small set of file names listed at the bottom are for reference purposes.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Does Venmon collect and share data from my computer?

A. No, a log file can be enabled and pointed to folder on your computer or local network, but that is it. Venmon does not transmit any data unlike some other free system monitor programs.

Q. I sent you a bunch of my ideas that I want credit for, for you to do for free and give to me for free asap! What's the hold up?

A. Most of our time is spent on our paying customers and our real world jobs. Venmon has made virtually nothing (average $35/year in donations) but we try to put as much free time into it when available. Thank you for your suggestions.

Q. Can we use your program in a commercial environment?

A. Yes. We have quite a few companies using our software to track usage, troubleshooting, diagnostics, or determining whether a computer needs upgrades to make employees more efficient.

Q. Can I run Venmon straight off a usb drive?

A. Yes, download the Portable version of Venmon. Extract the files into a folder on your usb drive and run Venmon. All of your settings will be saved in the local venmon.ini file allowing you to keep your custom settings as you switch from computer to computer. No need to reinstall, make any special shortcuts or worry about Venmon leaving files on your system.

Q. Does Venmon leave anything in the Windows registry?

A. If you install Venmon, it leaves a entry for uninstalling. Other than that, it does not leave anything in the registry.

Q. How often does Venmon write to its log files?

A. If the Log File is enabled, it writes at the beginning of each hour, whenever the buffer is full, or if the program is closed. The buffer can be extended from 100 to 9999 entries for busy computers.

Q. Is Venmon multi-threaded?

A. Yes, Venmon was designed from the beginning to use several threads to balance its load on multi-core processors and minimize impact on performance.

Q. I turned off the system tray icon and hid the program, how do I open it?

A. Run another copy of Venmon. The new copy will ask for the original version to restore the mini window. You can open settings by hitting the Maximize button and select the Settings tab to re-enabled the systray icon if you wish.

Q. My CPU Speed never goes below 100%, is this normal?

A. You may be running a Power Management software in the background or your Power Options is set for High Performance which is preventing your CPU from going to a lower power state.

Q. How do I get Venmon to recognize my UPS battery?

A. You will need to have the UPS connected to your computer (usually by a USB cord). Not all UPS batteries have a PC connection. If you are running UPS software such as APC PowerChute or Cyberpower PowerPanel, you may need to disable or uninstall their software.

Q. How do I add more than one Ping host name at a time?

A. Use Ping Host Name (not IP Address) and type in all the names or IP address numbers with a space in between each one. Then press enter or the + (Add) button. Venmon will pause pings and lookup each item one by one and resume when its completed.

Q. How do I get Venmon to appear while playing video games?

A. If supported by your video game, set the graphics setting to Windowed or Full Screen borderless mode. You may need to restart your game. Check to Enable Always on top in Venmon. You can turn on Venmon's borderless and transparent mode to help it blend into the background.

Q. On the Processors tab I'm getting an PdhAddCounter Failed error and the cpu graphs are not updating.

A. Your performance counters may be corrupted. Open a Command Prompt window using Administrator rights and type in the following:

cd %windir%\system32lodctr /Rcd %windir%\syswow64lodctr /R 

After the above has been completed, close and restart Venmon.

Q. Do you accept offers to bundle products or advertisements to your program?

A. No, we are not interested.

Q. I paid money to download Venmon and now it's free?

A. Venmon has been free since day one. If you paid for it on another website, the money didn't go us. Please contact your credit card company or bank to reverse your transaction.


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