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GetComboFix is a completely free command console based downloading tool to get and maintain updates on the official version of ComboFix. ComboFix is a program, created by sUBs, that scans your computer for known malware, and when found, attempts to clean these infections automatically.[1] GetComboFix and ComboFix are designed for and to be used by professional computer technicians and/or system administrators. They are not intended for personal use without supervision. Running ComboFix can possibly cause stability issues or damage to your operating system that may require a manual repair or reinstall. If you need instructions on how to use ComboFix, please visit this website first. You are not required to use GetComboFix in order to obtain ComboFix.

The purpose of GetComboFix is to automate the download and execution of ComboFix to a computer system with minimal effort. GetComboFix will automatically restore internet connections by removing local host proxy settings caused by newer spyware/malware programs, checks for a altered system clock and allows you to make corrections, monitors free disk space for downloads, informs you of real time IP address issues when it is unable to connect, checks completed download and then auto executes ComboFix. This program does not automate any choices or questions once ComboFix has started. It can be run in Safe Mode with Networking and is small enough to be transferred using remote desktop tools or emailed very quickly. GetComboFix was created for those who cannot download ComboFix via a browser client (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) due to a virus / spyware infection and technicians who frequently need to retrieve the latest version as it is known to expire and in some cases delete itself. Improvements to ComboFix are made regularly and it is highly recommended that you only use the latest version whenever possible.

We are not affiliated with the creator(s) of ComboFix or any other ComboFix related websites. We do not maintain or have any interest in hosting any ComboFix files. This tool only downloads from the official sites. Do not send us any links to be added to our software as they will be ignored. This program is adware / spyware free and is freeware. If you were charged for GetComboFix or ComboFix, obtain a refund from the vendor or contact your bank / credit card company to dispute any transactions.

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Version History

GetComboFix v0.15 -- Feb 1, 2013

GetComboFix v0.14 -- Feb 12, 2012

GetComboFix v0.13 -- Jan 15, 2012

GetComboFix v0.12 -- Mar 1, 2011

GetComboFix v0.11 -- Sep 13, 2010

GetComboFix v0.10 -- Jul 6, 2010

GetComboFix v0.09 -- Jul 1, 2010

GetComboFix v0.08 -- Apr 4, 2010

GetComboFix v0.07 -- Jan 1, 2010

GetComboFix v0.06 -- Dec 26, 2009

GetComboFix v0.05 -- Dec 21, 2009

GetComboFix v0.04 -- Dec 10, 2009

GetComboFix v0.03 -- Dec 1, 2009

GetComboFix v0.02 -- Oct 23, 2009

GetComboFix v0.01 -- Oct 21, 2009


(C) 2009-2013

Registration Number: TX0007276371

System Requirements

OS: Windows 2000/XP (32-bit only), Vista, 7 (32/64-bit)

Memory: 16MB Avail (approx)

HDD: 96K for EXE file + 5MB for Download (approx)


1. Remove any old copies of GetComboFix

2. Download to your system.

3. Extract files from zip file using 7-Zip or WinRAR

4. Run GetComboFix.exe to execute download.

Note: Download will automatically be saved in same folder.

Optional Command Parameters

B = Removes content found in Recycle Bin during program start up from all drives.

O = Only download once per day. If a downloaded copy of ComboFix already exist with today's date, it will be skipped.

P = Disable proxy. Will disable proxy server configuration regardless of address assigned. Default: Only remove, localhost, and 'empty and enabled' proxy configurations.

R = No Run. Do not auto execute after downloading. For use when temporary downloading on another computer.


GetComboFix Flow Chart