Thank you.

Everyone here contributes their efforts on their own time and we all have long 50+ hour/week jobs to make ends meet. All of our costs are covered by donations from our users and 100% of the contributions will be used in upgrading our software and test systems. We have been creating software since 1994 and all of our software programs are completely free. We haven't resorted to adding spyware/malware or making a separate "PRO" version like many others. If you like our software, feel free to donate by Paypal. Thank you.

Nov 2022 - Thank you Ehud for your donation of $10.00 USD!

Sept 2021 - Thank you Frank for your donation of $16.97 USD!

July 2020 - Thank you Nicholas for your donation of $10.00 USD!

April 2020 - Thank you Robert for your donation of $25.00 USD!