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Venmon 2.34 - Beta - We are between projects right now, so we have time for a Venmon update to take care of bugs and add a few new features. ETA Aug 15 2024.

Venmon 2.33 - Added: Support for detection of Windows 11, Server 2016-2019-2022. Windows version (21H2, 22H2, etc.) and build numbers will be displayed in System summary.

Added: A:\ and B:\ drive support for Windows 10+ operating systems. Originally disabled because excessive hits on a floppy drive for older computers.

Added: External IP Address Lookup and query data to Network Tab. Lookup done when network detect changes or from F6 key on Network tab.

Changed: Mini File Explorer in Settings tab will no longer preload on start. To open, enable Log File then click on new Open File Explorer button. This will prevent drive thread lockups caused by Mini File Explorer reading the file system of a bad or corrupted drive.

Changed: Ping mouse hover now displays info on title bar instead of over ping column titles.

Changed: Ping IP address column now sorts properly based on all octet values.

Fixed: Excessive spacing from clipboard memory saves.

Internal: Compiler upgraded from 5.72 to 6.03.

Internal: Installer upgraded from 3.05 to 3.09.

Venmon 2.32 - Added: Graph position info will be displayed on title bar by hovering mouse cursor over chart.

Added: Per-core C-State shown on Processor tab instead of only first core.

Added: CPU graphs displays speed in MHz.

Fixed: Clipboard procedures To prevent thread lockup when extended log was enabled. Clipboard status will be displayed on title bar.

Fixed: Time shown on CPU % Utilization for custom text scales.

Venmon 2.31 - Added: Graphics Tab. Currently only NVidia (Geforce GT420+) cards are supported. If available, will read Names, IDs, Clock Speeds, PCIe Bus, Power, Temperature, Roms, Memory Usage, Modes/States, Fans, GPU/Memory Utilization, ECC Errors, Driver Versions, Hardware Limits, and more.

Added: Desktop's width, height, frequency, text size and color depth changes will be logged in System Events.

Added: System Summary will display if Windows is running in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking.

Internal: Many little tweaks to timing of threads. Graphical fixes from custom text scales.

Venmon 2.30 - Added: DPI Aware mode. Venmon will now properly scale text size rather than relying on Windows. This should clear up any blurry screen text (Windows 10) or cropped text (Windows 7/8) when using a larger text scale. Many minor visual tweaks and adjustments to several screens. Ping timeline and graphs will stay at native monitor resolution.

Added: Text size, scaled screen resolution if different from native resolution, color depth and frequency in Hz to system summary.

Added: "(Timed Out)" message to Ping clipboard summary section if latest time is showing a value of -1.

Added: Function to auto run Window's performance counters repair if found missing or corrupted.

Changed: Initial Ping from five to ten seconds to allow VPNs some extra time to connect to their networks if system is booting up.

Changed: "Total disk space changed" storage event now lines up numbers for easier reading.

Fixed: Unable to move Mini Window beyond original desktop after making a screen resolution change.

Venmon 2.29 - Added: Early stages of NVIDIA (Geforce 400 series and up) GPU card support. Will display GPU % Usage, GPU Frequency, Memory Frequency, Temperature, and Fan % speed in Mini Window. This feature will only be available on x64 version.

Installer: Will remove Venmon start menu folder (if exists) and create a single Venmon link.

Change: CPU in Mini window will show MAX when at 100%, previously stopped at 99% due to spacing.

Fixed: Blank storage data list when using a Drive Filter from config file.

Internal: File handling system optimizations.

Venmon 2.28 - Added: Drive total size in drive filter list description.

Added: CTRL-C will now include Storage and Network byte/packet history.

Change: Saga file is now updated hourly in addition to program close.

Change: Ping and Saga file saves will now create backup files of old files before saving new data. If successful, backup files are removed. If not, backup files are restored.

Change: Ping and Saga file loads will search for backup files if main files are zero bytes or do not exist.

Fixed: Blank Mini screen on 32-bit version.

Fixed: File listing spacing on Windows 7 at 125% font.

Fixed: Missing drive type description in drive filter list.

Venmon 2.27 - Added: System, Storage and Network Events can now be automatically saved on exit and restored on startup. Option disabled by default.

Added: Drop down in Storage tab to change drive output to display in Auto (default), bytes, KB, MB, GB, or TB format.

Changed: Layout of Storage and Network Tabs to make better use of space.

Changed: Windows 7 at 125% font screen optimizations, per pixel adjustments.

Fixed: Missing text from Storage log occurring when volume name or total space changed.

Fixed: Stalled Idle title bar and non-centered Idle text in Mini Window.

Venmon 2.26 - Internal: Overhaul of data tables and rewritten Startup, System, Drive, and Network code. Split Drive and Network module into separate threads. Prevents physically unreadable hard drives from tying up Network updates.

Added: Ping in Mini Window will blink a few times in Orange/Black if a ping timed out. You can right-click on offline Pings to pause and ignore.

Added: Inactive Pings will show dark gray in timeline history.

Added: Comprehensive Ping timeline option to the Optimization settings. Previously disabled code due to the amount of CPU time used. Adds Ping time plot points results onto the timeline.

Added: Mouse hover over Ping timeline now display position data (Date, Time, Response Time, and Range). Position data text is now colored Green=Received, Red=Timed out, Gray=Inactive, and Blue=Resumed.

Added: Mouse hover over Ping Lost or Lost % now displays last downtime.

Added: Ping clipboard saves to include response time range and last downtime.

Fixed: Mini Window flickering with all new code by changing from multi-line text to a single graphical display.

Fixed: Issue where Mini Window would resize and shift left when removing duplicated drives.

Fixed: Drive Filter dismissed because the drive ID number was higher than the number of active drives.

Fixed: Inactive Pings counted towards Up and Down totals were only happening when the Ping tab was visible.

Fixed: Double network detection on startup caused by Internet status change from unknown to Up or Down.

Changed: Battery Low (<20%) warning in Mini window will now blink in pink/black instead of maroon/white.

Changed: Removed Ping data from Venmon.ini saves. All Ping data is now in the VM-Ping.Json file allowing you to send this file to another user for analysis or comparison.

Changed: Swapped positions of Ping and Read/Write items on Mini Display.

Changed: Lightness color from 70 to 80 on Read and Write items in Mini Window.

Venmon 2.25 - Added: Ping IP address now includes optional description field. This field can be used to add or edit existing ping descriptions.

Added: Ping column sorting by ascending, descending, and back to original order.

Added: Added CTRL+C function to copy all ping data text to clipboard.

Added: Added Disk Read/Write and Ping Up/Down summary to Mini screen.

Changed: Increased maximum Ping history for exporting to clipboard from ~320 to 1000.

Internal: All Pings are now assigned an initial creation date, used to return pings to original order.

Venmon 2.24 - Added: Ping tool. The Ping tool includes the ability to add up to 1024 automated Pings by IP address or Hostnames with an adjustable time interval. Displays IP address, hostnames, time in ms, TTL, TOS, received, lost, lost %, and timeline with response time filter. Pings can be paused or reset individually or in a selected group. Multiple pings are spread across all processor cores to balance CPU load. Ping data is saved into a JSON file hourly or on program closure.

Added: Automatic network refresh on event of internet status change.

Fixed: Duplicate refreshing when changing tabs.

Fixed: Log file not saving on fast shutdowns due to stuck threads.

Venmon 2.23 - Added: Physical and Pagefile memory total and changes will be displayed in System Events. Useful for virtual operating systems running on dynamic memory. System summary will now self update when detecting memory total changes.

Added: Internet connected status added to Network Events. Tracks history of internet connectivity.

Added: F6 key on System Panel will now reset High and Low memory values.

Added: Control+Arrow keys will move Mini Window one pixel in direction of arrow key.

Added: Shift+Arrow keys will move Mini Window 10 pixels in direction of arrow key.

Added: Drive Read/Write speeds to Mini Window Title bar options.

Added: Network Sending/Receiving speeds to Mini Window Title bar options.

Added: Drive Filter will now be saved between sessions based on the drive's volume serial.

Added: Network Filter will now be saved between sessions based on the network card's MAC address.

Changed: System summary will now display both Total memory in MB and GB instead of auto choosing one.

Changed: Network transmit and receive speeds now show more precise values. Example: Instead of 1Gb, it will now show 1.053Gb.

Fixed: Issues with Battery Events being duplicated and title bar text "None Battery" to "No Battery".

Fixed: Issue where shutdown was delayed for 2.5 seconds while in the middle of system tray icon update.

Internal: Added source code structures to allow future translations to be added.

Note: Partial German translations have been added.

Venmon 2.22 - Added: CPU Tab now displays difference between updates for Processes, Handles and Threads.

Added: Drive LED system tray drive icon will now display red and cyan when both reading and writing.

Changed: Long Idle Time default from one minute to 10 minutes.

Changed: Extra spacing is now removed from retrieved processor info.

Venmon 2.21 - Added: Ctrl-Tab and Shift-Ctrl-Tab functions to switch forward or back a tab in Main window.

Added: Used % in Storage Tab. Merged Free % and Free into single column.

Changed: Tweaked screen layout to make more efficient use of screen space. Resized columns and removed year numbers.

Venmon 2.20 - Added: Disk Reading and Writing graphs to storage tab that are based on disk activity instead of total disk space.

Added: Option to Save System Events to Log File. Previous versions did not save System Events to log file.

Added: Option to Save Disk Activity to Log File. Previous versions forced saving of Disk Activity to log file.

Added: Option to change or disable Long Idle time duration. Previous versions were set for one minute.

Added: Physical and Page File memory used + used% columns in System tab.

Changed: Removed year numbers from several lists to make room for new/future data columns.

Changed: Settings page has been rearranged for new features.

Changed: Patreon Link to Link.

Changed: Method to calculate up time. Program will fall back to older system if unsupported or detects invalid up time.

Fixed: Missing Battery % from mini window title bar on startup.

Fixed: Crash when user tries to change colors of non-customizable items.

Fixed: Shift-Close function in Windows 7. Program was being closed instead of minimize when Close to Tray setting was enabled.

Venmon 2.19 - Fixed: Idle calculations from showing wrong time after 49+ days. Rewrote idle calculation subroutines.

Venmon 2.18 - Changed: Overhaul of System Tab. Added program version box, CPU average graph, battery display with charging status, up-time display, idle display with mini-history. Simplified system summary info box. CPU Avg% is now in separate column. Removed battery and idle logs and replaced them with System Events.

Added: System Events will report Long Idle times (+60 seconds) and Battery Status Changes.

Changed: System - CTRL-C will copy both System Summary and System Events into clipboard.

Changed: Network - CTRL-C will copy both Network Connections and Network Events into clipboard.

Venmon 2.17 - Added: If LogPath=0 in Venmon.ini file, default log files will be saved to EXE folder (used for Portable Mode). If Log path is manually set to EXE path, LogPath=0 will be automatically created in Venmon.ini.

Added: Portable button in Log File settings to quickly change path to running folder.

Added: Storage Monitor will now display type of drive (Fixed, Optical, etc.), file system (FAT, NTFS, etc.), and free space for each drive.

Added: Storage Monitor will now display and save a log entry when it detects a volume name change.

Added: Network Connections list will report Total Errors Sent and Received if greater than zero.

Added: Network Events will show total errors in ()'s after each Error event.

Changed: Inner chart grid lines have been lighten to help see data plot.

Venmon 2.16 - Added: All graphs now display current values below title name.

Added: Option to remember window positions for Main and Mini with x,y locations shown in settings page.

Added: Program will switch to portable mode if cannot find Venmon.ini in the default folder and if not running from booted Windows drive.

Added: Storage Monitor will now display and save a log entry when it detects a partition size change.

Fixed: In event of lost or ejected drive, Storage Monitor will report last known Volume Serial instead of current 0000-0000.

Venmon 2.15 - Added: Shift+Close Button will exit program regardless if Close to SysTray option is active.

Added: For portable users. Program will now check and use Venmon.ini in the program's folder first.

Added: If unable to load powrprof.dll and/or pdh.dll, an error message showing which file was not loaded will now appear in Processors Tab.

Fixed: Borderless mode switching was skipping steps to resize and redraw screen when window changes were not ready.

Fixed: Not Responding error when running more than one copy.

Venmon 2.14 - Added: Option to turn on/off Real-Time Memory monitor.

Added: Option to save Storage Monitor events to log file.

Added: Option to save Network Events to log file.

Changed: Moved setting options around, many optimization changes in loading/drawing routines.

Fixed: Network Event "OperStatus" from not showing changes from a non-down state and not updating to correct font color.

Venmon v2.13 - Added: Copy to clipboard functions for System, Processors, Storage, and Network tabs.

Added: Customizable title bar setting to display drives, physical memory, pagefile memory, cpu, battery, up time, or idle time.

Added: Right clicking on a chart will now let you change the plot color. Color settings are stored in .ini file.

Changed: Align memory and processor graphs to same time frame.

Venmon v2.12 - Changed: Rearranged CPU stats for more efficient use of space.

Fixed: Processor base speed to display max speed instead of current speed.

Fixed: Unregistered network events with multiple network adapters.

Fixed: Multiple text issues being cut off when display font is set to 125%. 

Venmon v2.11 - Added: Processor History tab. This screen includes: Base Speed, Brand, CPU Description, L2 Cache, L3 Cache, Cores, Logicals, (Current) Speed, Load%, Processes, Threads, Handles, C-State, P-State and individual load percentage graphs for each CPU. This version supports the first 144 logical processors.

Added: Loading screen to help with diagnostic and troubleshooting.

Added: Title name for all graphs.

Changed: Removed time stamp backgrounds to make it easier to read low readings.

Changed: CPU Speed graph, increased time scale to align with data updates.

Changed: When available, display Load Percentage instead of total number of cores on mini-monitoring screen.

Venmon v2.10 - Added: Network cards detected as active but receiving no data will now display in alternate color.

Fixed: Startup crash on IP conflict. Network card(s) will be ignored.

Venmon v2.09 - Added: Network Connections List. This shows you the available network connections and settings. Statistics will auto-refresh or you can update it immediately by pressing the F5 key.

Added: Network Message in Network History panel. This will monitor for network card errors, transmission speed adjustments, number of active network connections.

Added: Option to view packet count instead of bytes in Network History.

Added: Setting to run Network monitor at real-time speed.

Changed: Rewritten graph auto scaling. Now makes faster adjustments and can downscale quickly when activity goes quiet.

Fixed: Rare crash when user manually closed program.

Venmon v2.08 - Added: Drive filter and auto resizing graph to Drive History tab.

Added: Network History tab with network filter, network history, and dual auto resizing graphs.

Fixed: Blank or white interface when running basic non-aero mode ready drivers when transparency mode was off.

Venmon v2.07 - Added: Main window will display bytes sending and receiving for every active network card.

Venmon v2.06 - Added: Battery status indicator now slowly blinks red when under 20% and not charging.

Fixed: CPU speed history graph was not initializing the max range on startup.

Fixed: Log file was not being saved on computers with fast shutdowns.

Venmon v2.05 - Added: Physical, Page File, CPU Speed history graphs in VenMon Extension. 

Venmon v2.04 - Fixed: Borderless mode windows buttons not horizontally realigning when number of duplicate drives changes after program has started.

Changes: Several layout tweaks and text changes to the VenMon Extension. 

Added: Option for extended history. Increases item count from 500 to 9999 in each column with mini-display for number of history items.

Venmon v2.03 - Added: Maximize button has been restored and set to open VenMon Extension. 

- Added: Borderless Window setting. This option removes the title bar and moves the Minimize / Maximize / Close buttons inside of the main window. This feature was requested by several users and took quite some time to implement and to make it compatible across Window operating systems.

Venmon v2.02 - Added: Hi and Lo to Physical and Pagefile in System Log tab

Venmon v2.01 - Updated: Improved Network and Removable Drive Detection

Venmon v2.00 - Final

All reported bugs have been fixed. This doesn't mean its perfect, but Venmon is now running smoothly without any known errors. Uploaded Venmon v2.00 to this website for everyone to download. I would like to thank everyone for the feedback and patience. This project took nearly 300 hours to complete and there are many more features we will be adding in future updates. - Updated Website 

Spent the entire weekend moving from the Google Sites Classic to the New Sites website code. The new site is a huge facelift and simplified design over the older one. Let me know what you think.

Venmon v2 - Beta #3

New version of Venmon v2 beta has been released.

 - Fixed Window not auto resizing if hidden or minimized during drive letter change when auto pop-up is disabled. 

Venmon v2 - Beta #2

New version of Venmon v2 beta has been released.

- Fixed ultra high font dpi scale, added Workarea dimensions

- Fixed double sound issues caused on certain system

- Fixed a few misc items 

Venmon v2 - Beta

Venmon v2 is now out of Alpha. This means all that all the features we wanted in the new version are now done and working. The next few days we're going to be working on the new website and testing Venmon in the field. Beta testers have been emailed a copy of the new version. 

Venmon v2 - Making progress

Spent the last couple days working on minor features such as detection of new drives, ejected drives, unreadable drives, added pop-up tooltips, large font support, and many other items. Should be done with Alpha stage by end of this week. Done lots of testing on different operating systems and hardware configurations.